Kmart Canada.

So, a fellow Vintage Point of Sale aficionado and I are trying to figure out what Kmart Canada used for their point of sale system in the mid 1980s until Kmart left Canada in 1997. We suspect they were made by NEC.

Take a look in this newspaper photo, the register is spotted from the side in the Computer department.

Things we know:

  • The cash registers started out with the old Kmart inventory “keys”
  • The cash registers were upgraded to scanning, however, before the actual scanners were installed, they cashiers entered UPC codes into the registers
  • There was a two line alphanumeric 13-segment LED display
  • The registers may have been connected with a 10 Base T BNC cable

If you have any information, please reply to this entry.

2 thoughts on “Kmart Canada.

  1. Same here… no idea of the make/model, though I seem to remember seeing something like “FM” on the logo above these registers’ slip printers. There are some up-close shots of one of those registers in this YouTube clip from 1996, at a Kmart store in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the day that Canada’s “Anik E1” satellite failed.

    Note that the barcode scanners at this location were Symbol LS9100s… the Kmarts in my neck of the woods at the time (Peterborough/Lindsay, Ontario) had Metrologic MS262s.

    Kmart Canada was also an early adopter of the now extremely popular “Interac debit” (not “Interact”) payment system, and I hear it was quite the task to connect the TD Bank-branded PIN pads directly to those registers, rather than use entirely separate payment terminals. If a customer paid by “debit”, they’d get their regular receipt from the register, and the cashier would print the “transaction record” using the slip printer.

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