DTS Series 200 Documentation.

Continuing from last week’s post, here’s some more documentation from the RSPA’s (Retail Solutions Providers Association) 75th anniversary celebration during their RetailNOW convention earlier this summer.

Here’s the documentation featuring the Data Terminal Systems Series 200 cash registers. I remember seeing these registers in the wild; a local gas station used it as their primary machine for their service station. I was fascinated by the dot-matrix printer and thought of it as more technically advanced that the EP-101 impact printers in the Series 300 and 400 machines. The 200 machines were quite capable as standalone registers. I remember a bargain grocery store chain using these machines in their six checkout lane setup.

I was interested to see the Series 200 registers being compatible with DTS’s external slip printer.


You can download the file (right-click and save) here.

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